At Crawford Avenue, we have a unique approach to small group life that utilizes two components working together hand-in-hand. Those two components are called “Community Groups” and “Cohorts.”

For Community Groups [CGs] we meet in homes in different neighborhoods throughout the week for fellowship, prayer, and outreach. On Sunday mornings we have time set aside explicitly for Bible study on our church campus; these studies take place in larger groups called “Cohorts.” These larger groups are comprised of 2-4 CGs from different neighborhoods. The time we have together on Sunday mornings is a continuation of the relationships we develop in our CGs. We meet from 9:00am-10:00am, giving us plenty of time to gather for worship at 10:30am. 

Your Cohort will be assigned to you based on your CG. We encourage you to try to be in the same CG from semester to semester when possible, but this is also a good time to try another group that works better for your schedule if need be. To change your CG, notify your leader directly; otherwise, you will remain registered for your previous CG. 


We encourage you to find a Community Group that is close to you so that you can experience the benefits of Christ's church. Our groups are local and diverse; in other words, we don't divide people by age, hobby, income, or stage of life. Rather, we encourage diverse people from the same neighborhood to love each other well and to love their neighborhood well. Each group seeks to be of benefit to each other and to their community. Check out the map below to see which groups are close to you; further information about each group is available beneath the map.

You are welcome to pick a group far away from you, but it will either mean lots of driving or limited interaction. That being said, we’d rather you have some community than none at all; if that works best for you, go for it!

Check out our current Community Groups, and sign up today!

  • Community Group map

    Check out our CG map to get a better idea of where each group is located.

    CG MAP


    Check out our list of CG's and what time they meet to find out the group that's best for you!