Developed by our Assistant Pastor, John Ross, Commuter Bible combines a reading plan with an audio Bible podcast. In 5 days a week over the course of a year, you can meet your Bible reading goals by subscribing to one of the podcasts or by downloading one of the plans. There are three podcasts/plans: Commuter Bible, Commuter Bible OT, and Commuter Bible NT. The first will take you through the entire Bible, the second will take you through the Old Testament chronologically, and the third will take you through the New Testament. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app or visit to learn more.

  • 25-30 MINUTES

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  • 15-20 MINUTES

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  • 10 MINUTES or less

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  • Read the bible (TGC + ESV)

    Following the M’Cheyne plan, you’ll read through the entire Bible in a year (including the New Testament & Psalms twice). Coordinating devotionals from Don Carson are available via newsletter and podcast, with a Facebook group to boot! To learn more, talk to CABC member Ivan Mesa (who oversees this initiative) or visit TGC's website.

  • Chronological reading plan

    Although the Bible begins with the very beginning and ends with the very end, the Bible as a whole is not arranged in chronological order. A chronological reading plan will collect passages from across different books and align them so they fall into place sequentially. Here is one such plan.


    Utilizing a clean, simple format, this app can help you design and calculate your own reading plan based on when you’d like to start. Includes M’Cheyne, Chronological, Thematic, Book by Book plans, and more. You can check off what you’ve read as you go, and the app will track the percentage completed.   Download in the App Store


    If you’d like tools to help you memorize Scripture, check out the Fighter Verses App, a free, multifaceted tool to make memorization easier. A new verse or passage is prescribed each week of the year. Additionally, the app provides artistic phone backgrounds, music aids, and quizzes to help you memorize. Available in your phone’s app store.